What are we?

It is the mission of Bethlehem Trails Association to provide human powered recreation opportunities that promote sustainable tourism and encourage and nurture an active lifestyle.

Who are we?

You've just come off the trail after an epic day of riding. And you catch yourself already drooling over visions of what the next trip will be. Your bike isn't even on the rack yet, and you miss it already. You think to yourself, if only this could be in my backyard. 

It turns out you're not the only one. We're a group of Bethlehem residents and outdoor enthusiasts who one day realized we'd been privately sharing the same vision: a fantastic network of trails spinning through our small mountain community. 

Once we stumbled upon this dream together, it was just too good to let it go. Too impossible to consider life without BTA being fully realized. So here we are!

Happy adventuring!

PO Box 751

Bethlehem, NH 03574

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